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Christmas trees planned, planted and harvested by RTS

Christmas Trees

RTS are experienced growers of Christmas trees, with excellent links to the market, allowing us to offer a wide range of Christmas tree services.

These services include:

  • Production of low needle drop Nordmann fir Christmas trees for wholesale and retail markets
  • The ability to market independent Christmas tree grower’s trees across the UK thanks to our reputation for supplying only high quality trees, coupled with our long-standing links to the market and our membership of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association.
  • Advise Christmas tree growers on all aspects of growing, from suitability of planting site all the way to eventual marketing of trees.

Production of Christmas Trees

From our plantations in the hills of Perthshire and Stirlingshire, we supply Christmas trees across the United Kingdom ranging from small household sizes, to majestic large trees which are destined to become the focal point of town squares, hotel entrances, and shopping centres during the Christmas period.

All of our trees are low needle drop Nordmann fir, which unlike the traditional Norway spruce Christmas tree, won’t leave your carpet covered in needles!
With our wealth of knowledge in tending to trees, we strive to grow Christmas trees of exceptional quality which is proved year on year by our fantastic customer feedback.

RTS Ltd market Christmas trees nationwide on a wholesale basis, and on a retail basis from our office in Crieff during December.

Thanks to our levels of production being a relatively modest 6,000-10,000 trees per year, we are able to cut and net our trees much later in the year than the larger Christmas tree producers. This ensures a much fresher tree which will carry on looking healthy and vibrant all the way through the Christmas period.

Market Trees on Behalf of Independent Growers

Through our existing network of Christmas tree buyers, RTS have developed a reputation for supplying a quality tree, freshly cut and delivered on time. This allows us to market not only our own trees, but also to market trees on behalf of independent growers.

Provide Consultation to Christmas Tree Growers.

RTS are pleased to advise prospective and current Christmas tree growers on all aspects of growing and marketing, from the suitability of the planting site, to developing a detailed project plan and costing for the initial establishment, maintenance, and marketing.

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